Z1 Fit, LLC

This high energy workout incorporates punching, kicking, footwork, rope jumping, calisthenics, and the use of equipment such as hand wraps, boxing gloves, and punch mitts in a scientifically designed system to optimize physical conditioning.

This interval training program uses sports specific techniques of Kickboxing to provide a high-level of both aerobic and anaerobic conditioning.

Be ready to release your Inner Warrior!!

Pictured above: Master Trainer, Dennis Davis

Zumba® with Priscilla

Items needed to participate in class:

  • $10 per person (12 and up only please)
  • Proper footwear and breathable clothing
  • Hand wraps are needed (purchase for $6 or rent for $2)
  • Bring your own punching gloves (purchase for $22.50 or rent for $2 per class) (Discount given to teachers with proper ID on glove purchase only)
  • A floor mat and PLENTY of H2O


kick box exercise (sm)